Announcing 'Bite-sized Chuck nuggets'

An uncomfortable title, but a fun topic

Hey y’all! Today I’m officially writing my first “nugget”. The idea behind these is to have a short bit at the top of the post, something “bite-sized” that could easily fit in a slack message, followed by a longer description below. That’s it!

The longer version

There are a lot of things that I find myself referencing or writing in slack all the time. It would be nice if there was a short version that I could copy/paste from, with a longer form description in case folks need/want more.

I remember hearing that Tim Berners-Lee would write up a blog post any time he answered the same question for the third time (but I can’t find any evidence of this, so maybe it wasn’t him, but it doesn’t really matter because I think it’s a good idea and it’s my blog. So there!).

I don’t honestly think he expected people to read the posts in his blog – maybe he did, it was a different time – but because it takes significant effort to write up a thing well, and by the third time I just don’t feel like writing it up well anymore.

But people deserve well written things. It’s not their fault they’re the third person to ask. So instead of giving them a short version of the answer, let’s take that time to accept that if three people have asked, or if I’ve referenced something three times, I’ll probably want to reference it again later.

Thus, this post series.